Labyrinth 18+

Spicy, erotic and funny wooden sculptures with a bit of an edge placed in 630 m long and 2 m high labyrinth surrounded by ninebark shrubs. This maze is only for those who are over 18 years of age. Maze is one way only - so no chances of getting lost!

Maze in blackcurrant bushes

25 meter long maze for children where you can learn a latvian poem. If you can't read in latvian then you can appreciate how words are written in latvian language...

Horror maze in the woods

Maze located in a pine tree forest. Try to take different paths to find your way out. Discover what kind of creatures can be seen in the forest. Snakes, spiders, murderer and his prey. Come across a witch house and try on her clothes - don't let her see you doing it!

Maze "Big bird's nest"

You can reach "Big bird's nest" by going through a maze made out of tree branches. Try different paths to see what's inside!

Labyrinth for meditation

Flower meditative labyrinth - find peace within yourself.

CLOSED until 1st of May 2019!

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